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OEM Applications for Heavy-Duty Straps

OEM Applications for Heavy-Duty Straps

There’s a common misconception regarding the use of straps (or lack thereof) in heavy-duty or extreme applications. And while we wouldn’t use standard gauge hook & loop strips on any type of heavy machinery, heavy-duty hook and loop technology has several uses for industrial-grade equipment OEMs.

From hydraulic line coverings to custom applications, hook and loop technology is an effective way to get the best level of closure that will last the longest and hold the strongest.

For OEMs and end-users, hook and loop technology means easier installation and replacement of crucial protective products and accessories. But easier installation and replacement are just one of the many benefits of this industrial-strength solution.


Benefits of Heavy-Duty Straps for OEMs

Heavy-duty equipment typically operates in extreme conditions. Whether it’s excessive heat or vibration, extreme weather, or other external factors, the operating environment provides unique design challenges for OEMs. How can we ensure all of the integrated sleeves, covers, and straps maintain their integrity through these harsh environments?


The solution is combining the latest in digital manufacturing with proprietary technology, fabric blends, and manufacturing methods to create a durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective solution. The image below is a close-up shot of industrial hooks; notice the tight curvature.

Hook and loop technology when it comes from a trusted supplier has many benefits, including:

  • Stiffer composition with a sharper curvature so the two ends grip together in a more secure fashion.
  • Increased shear and peel strength, increasing the force required to separate the two ends once they have joined together
  • Longer life span compared to standard hook & loop due to the increased size of the hook (sometimes referred to as a more aggressive spine)

When it’s time to partner with an accessories manufacturer, working with state-of-the-art manufacturers isn’t just smart, it’s crucial to ensure that your equipment receives the full benefits from heavy-duty hook and loop technology.


Hook and Loop Technology | The Python Difference

For OEMs, taking pride in your equipment starts with integrating the highest quality materials and accessories.

For machines that require hydraulics, or otherwise pressured lines, ensuring that your accessories provider has proven experience can mean the difference between a useful machine and one that’s riddled with breakdowns, burst lines, or other issues.

Hook and loop straps also are highly recommended over using zip ties. Zip ties can be damaging to the equipment if applied too tight, and create a risk for assembly lines. Sharp edges on zip ties will create lacerations on the skin and hands during assembly.

Proprietary Hook and Loop technology, like that from Python Protective Sleeves and Covers, offers many benefits and features over traditional manufacturer blends including:

  • Hooks and loops that were designed for repeated use that maximize biting and durability
  • Increased shear strength due to the weaving density
  • A high peel strength designed to require some force to “peel” apart
  • Added safety for assembly lines (compared to zip ties)
  • Eco friendly dies without Azo or heavy metals
  • Full product customization

For OEM’s this opens the ability to create tailor-made products for specific, often challenging locations on their machinery. 

From custom applications like spray-foam applicator fasteners (shown above) to energy chain covers, Python’s patented Hook and Loop Technology can be utilized anywhere that a secure fit/closure is needed. Thanks to its lightweight, easy-to-use nature OEMs can also easily replace or add on protective covers, sleeves, wraps, or straps during, or post-manufacturing.

Pending on the industry or application, Pythons Hook and Loop technology also meets MIL-STD qualifications and goes through rigorous testing that ensures its viability.

OEM Applications for Heavy-Duty Velcro Straps

It’s clear that not all heavy-duty technology is created the same. Don’t trust the value of your machine to a lower-quality solution. Ensure you are working with a provider with state-of-the-art manufacturing practices, propriety, durable, and long-lasting blends, and a proven experience of creating high-quality equipment accessories.

For more information on Python’s Hook and Loop technology, visit our website for a full lineup of protective wraps and sleeves, or contact us today with your custom application needs.

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