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Cinch Straps

powersport vehicles in different environments

3 min read

Custom Powersports Covers, Straps, & Accessories

When designing powersports equipment, consumer safety, component durability, and easy integration are three essential factors every manufacturer...

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4 min read

Best Reusable Zip Tie Alternatives

Heavy-duty zip ties and zip tie alternatives can be found on heavy machinery in nearly every industry - ranging from excavators, cranes, and garbage...

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2 min read

OEM Applications for Heavy-Duty Straps

There’s a common misconception regarding the use of straps (or lack thereof) in heavy-duty or extreme applications. And while we wouldn’t use...

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2 min read

How to Extend the Life of Hoses, Pipes, and Wires

When an application requires extra protection, hose wraps and sleeves are the most durable, long-lasting solution.

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