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2024 Best Insulation Products for Hydraulic Applications

2024 Best Insulation Products for Hydraulic Applications

Fall is on the way out and winter is quickly moving in. Are you ready for the harsh conditions? Python offers a variety of cold weather products, ideal for getting your equipment ready for the freezing temperatures that are fast approaching.

Solutions discussed in this article:

  1. Sidewinder Insulated Spray Foam Sleeve
  2. Sidewinder 55-Gallon Drum Heater
  3. Insulating Wrap Sleeve
  4. DEF Tank Cover
  5. Sidewinder Boom Pipe Wrap

Sidewinder Insulated spray foam Sleeve23224-SMG-Python-SidewinderSleeve-SPF-1

Spray hoses take a beating when pulled around job sites. Sidewinder remains the “go-to” solution in applications requiring protection from moisture and heavy abrasion. But operators struggle to maneuver the tangled, bulky, and cumbersome lines along with their fresh air hose. What if they could work together?

We developed the Sidewinder SPF Sleeve with an external pocket to bundle your fresh air hose.


Key Features:

  • Low profile – easy to drag. 
  • Military-grade hook and loop closure reduces installation and/or service time by up to 70 percent.
  • Configured to fit coupler guards and whip hose sections.
  • Reduces temperature loss for up to 60 percent energy savings.

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sidewinder 55-GALLON DRUM HEATERPython Covers_Drum Heater_Sidewinder_WEB

The costs of damaged materials due to improper storage or unpredictable environmental conditions can be costly to a business. Eliminate the stress of temperature containment with the Sidewinder Drum Heater. Its integrated controller technology provides optimal flow and viscosity of materials while avoiding the chances of boiling and froth.

Key Features:

  • Heat-up and maintain desired chemical temperatures.
  • Set desired temperature and monitor.
  • Prevent frozen & spoiled materials.
  • Get jobs done on time.

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Wrap Sleeve for InsulationPython hose wrap sleeves for insulation


By adding radiant liner to the 1050 Ballistic substrate, hydraulic systems and components become protected from extreme temperature allowing for optimal performance. Radiant lined products are often used in HVAC systems, refuse applications, and various other plumbing systems where maintaining thermal properties are critical.

In additional to the standard 5601 sleeve characteristics, the Radiant Liner offers thermal properties engineered to meet application needs when working in extreme cold and/or abrasive environments.

Radiant Lined Black Poly provides an economical way to bundle and insulated plumbing components that see little-to-no wear. A light PVC coating helps prevent further damage caused by high UV.



Suburban Manufacturing Group_Python_custom_DEF tank

EPA emission requirements have pushed the Engine Manufacturers to integrate diesel exhaust fluid into their systems to help regulate particulate matter or black soot, and nitrogen oxides that can be emitted to atmosphere from diesel engines.

Key Features:

  • Radiant lined for thermal protection.
  • External heavy urethane coating preventing moisture/air penetration.
  • Low profile assembly.
  • Military-grade hook and loop closures for easy installs.


SIDEWINDER BOOM PIPE WrapPython Sidewinder Boom Pipe Wrap WEB

Sidewinder Boom Pipe Wrap uses the most advanced insulation and materials to protect pumping equipment and ready-mix properties.

Key Features:

  • Maintains the concrete’s optimal temperature and improves work ability during placement in both hot and cold climates. 
  • Sidewinder’s military grade hook and loop closure is reusable and installs in minutes, allowing more time to concentrate on what you do best, pumping concrete.

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If you have any questions about Python's cold weather solutions or are interested in a custom solution, don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team.