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Best Reusable Zip Tie Alternatives

Heavy-duty zip ties, and zip-tie alternatives, can be found on heavy machinery in nearly every industry. 

From excavators, cranes, and garbage trucks, to corn planters, bulldozers, and rail equipment, engineers and mechanics have traditionally used heavy-duty zip ties as their preferred method for cable and line management solutions.  However, while these ties may be inexpensive, they don’t come without their downfalls. 

First and foremost, heavy-duty zip ties aren’t reusable and therefore aren’t eco-friendly. Not only are they potentially harmful to our environment, when not secured properly zip and cable ties can also cause excess torn, ripped, punctured, or otherwise damaged cables, hoses, and lines 

Hose bundling straps, a reusable zip tie alternative, provide customizable solutions that are longer-lasting, with better protection and security for the lines, hoses, and cables that need to be run throughout a piece of heavy machinery. 

Read on to find out more about the best zip tie alternatives and the benefits of their integration: 

Comparing and Contrasting Heavy Duty Zip Ties and Their Alternatives

From compressed-air lines on rail and specialized equipment, to hydraulic (PTO) lines on construction and farm equipment, heavy-duty zip ties can be found on machinery throughout nearly every industry.

And while their popularity stems from a cheap price point, many OEMs have sacrificed increased protection to save a minimal amount of capital in the short run.

Because heavy-duty zip ties aren’t pliable and don’t respond to changes in heat and cold well, in instances where equipment operates in extreme ambient conditions cable ties can damage the electronic wires, compressed air hoses, hydraulic lines, or whatever they’re fastening down.

Hose bundling straps are a popular zip-tie alternative that can alleviate these concerns due to proprietary Hook and Loop technology

When coming from a trusted supplier, Hook and loop technology has many benefits, including:

  • Stiffer composition with a sharper curvature so the two ends grip together more securely.
  • Increased shear and peel strength, increasing the force required to separate the two ends once they have joined together.
  • They’re reusable and feature a long life span thanks to their aggressive spine.

From cinch straps to micro hanging straps, Python’s hook and loop technology can be found in nearly every zip-tie alternative solution. But which zip-tie alternative is best for your application? Read on to find out.

Cinch Straps as a Zip Tie Alternative

Python Cinch Straps, both Standard Duty (SD) and Heavy Duty (HD), are specifically designed for hose bundling and feature a nylon backing combined with ultrasonic welded joints that make Cinch straps the fastest & most dependable option for managing a variety of complex power applications.

Compared to the heavy-duty zip ties, Python’s cinch straps have several benefits including:

alternative to cable-ties
  • A reinforced chassis with Ballistic Cordura® nylon that is then ultrasonically welded to 1-1/2″ hook & loop material
  • Being usable, weatherproof, tear-resistant, and unphased by extreme environments
  • Adjustable for use in thousands of applications
  • UV and abrasion protection
  • Allows for natural hose expansion and contraction as pressure and temperatures change
  • Field-replaceable, making it a fast and effective method for reducing maintenance and labor costs

Cinch straps allow for quick and easy access to a hydraulic system or electronic component without needing to replace dozens of zip ties. Cinch straps are designed for use on equipment such as:

  • Corn Planters
  • Sprayers
  • Excavators
  • Tractors
  • Bulldozers
  • and more

While cinch straps are great for securing lines, when your application requires you to mount compressed air, hydraulic, or electronic lines, Pythons Hanging Straps are far superior than attempting to secure a set of zip-tied lines.

Hanging Straps as a Zip Tie Alternative

There’s a reason you don’t see fire departments, power wash companies, spray foam businesses, or farmers using zip ties to hang their equipment. 

It’s clear that cable ties have limitations. and while some manufacturers offer mountable zip ties, the increased cost is often not justified by their quality, durability, and usability. 

Investing in a reusable zip-tie alternative, such as reusable hanging straps, can provide a durable, long-lasting solution compared to their cable tie alternatives.

reusable straps for fire hose bundle

Hanging straps can often be customized to an OEM’s specifications as well. Fire hose bundling straps for instance can be rated to carry heavy fire hoses. Not only can fire hose bundling straps be customized for weight, but they can also feature fluorescent patches for easy visibility on a night-time call, or when visibility is decreased.  

But not all applications need full-size solutions either. When smaller straps are needed, Pythons micro cinch and hanging straps are best suited as an alternative to cable ties.

Micro Cinch and Hanging Straps vs Heavy Duty Zip Ties

Opposed to their plastic counterparts, Micro Straps are built on a molded hook and loop backing and can be quickly installed and trimmed to length. Featuring reusable, high tenacity Python Hook & Loop™ technology, the micro straps are capable of carrying a stationary load of up to 45 pounds.

Micro straps, like heavy-duty zip ties, are available in both cinch and hanging models to accommodate an array of applications, from service truck electronics to packaging machinery, conveying equipment, automation, pneumatic, and electronics. 

zip tie alternative for hydralic hoses

Beyond the carrying capacity, Micro straps also have a number of other key features and benefits, including:

  • Polymide backing with molded hook and loop design
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Hanging straps with locking spurs support the bundle during assembly and can be trimmed to fit once completed
  • Non-evasive, low-profile design eliminates injuries and prevents potential worker compensation claims
  • “One part system” design eliminates the need for nylon ties, rubber-coated loop clamps, and other discretionary fasteners

Grip Straps vs Heavy Duty Zip Ties

Some applications require specialized equipment. In an environment where constant vibration causes migration of critical stationary components, even traditional bundling hardware, an upgrade from even heavy-duty zip ties, may not be suitable for their application. 

Grip straps were created as a solution for when ambient conditions were too extreme for even heavy-duty bundling straps. Featuring Military-Spec Hook and Loop with an added layer of heavy-duty silicone backing, grip straps are designed to resist walking in vertical hose run applications. 

OEMs that prefer zip-ties for their easy installation can also integrate grip straps as their designed to perform best in environments where moisture, frost, and constant vibration are present. 

In addition to easy installation and the resistance to walking, Grip straps also have many additional advantages and features including: 

  • A grip backing that prevents migration in vibrating applications
  • The ability to have natural hose expansion and contraction
  • A fast and effective method for reducing maintenance and labor costs
  • A great solution for hoses that experience condensation or humidity

Grip strips are commonly found in rail equipment, cranes, conveying and mining equipment, and vibratory packers.

Zip and Cable Tie Alternatives: Customization is Key

When designing and manufacturing UTVs, rail-road equipment, spray foam applicators, or fire-hose storage solutions,  customization is key. And while standard zip-ties can be cut to length, this level of “customization” is highly impractical for all situations.

Take for instance a leading manufacturer of UTVs. Most Sporty UTVs have removable body and roof panels depending on the want of the end-user.

heavy duty custom straps, eco-friendly

Instead of using a zip-tie solution, this manufacturer partnered with Python to create a custom piece of equipment that holds these panels securely in place while still allowing the user to remove them for easy access to the engine compartment or another area on the vehicle. 

When designing your next piece of heavy equipment, it’s imperative to partner with a manufacturer that has proven experience creating high-quality, durable, and long-lasting zip-tie alternatives. The talented team of experts at Python is excited to get working on a custom solution for your next job. 

Have questions on how our straps can replace your old zip tie solution? Contact Python Covers for more information!

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