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How to Choose the Right Compressed Air Filter

How to Choose the Right Compressed Air Filter

Compressed air systems require air filters to get best results and meet clean air requirements. To determine which air filtration system, you should refer to your equipment manufacturer's specifications for flow rate and cleanliness requirements. This can sometimes be vague and very confusing; it's important to have someone walk you through the steps needed to determine these factors so you can be assured your system is running as efficiently as possible. Let's talk about how to select the right compressed air filter.

In this article, we'll how discuss the steps it takes to pick the right compressed air filter for your system:

  1. ISO Requirements and the Right Air Filter for You
  2. How to Pick the Right Filter
  3. Compressed Air Schematic
  4. Talk to the Compressed Air System Experts



ISO Requirements and the right Air filter for You

When it comes to air filtration, there are some standards that can be referenced to make this process easier. Many manufacturers provide vague descriptions when discussing the kind of air your system needs "Clean, dry air required" - there is more to it. Fortunately, some manufacturers use ISO standards to provide clarity for air cleanliness. The ISO chart below will help you when selecting an air filtration package:ISO 8573 1 2010 standards

If it looks daunting - we understand and are here to help. Generally speaking, the ISO standard provides different classes to each category; addressing particulates, water content, and oil content. If your application or equipment does not call out air cleanliness specs, a good rule of thumb is class 4 across all three categories as a minimum requirement. Many applications may require higher quality air when meeting class 2 or better becomes the most effective target when building or improving your overall air system and components.


How to Pick the Right Air Filter

Picking the right air filter depends on a few things: the flow rate, port size, your system's requirements as mentioned above, and the contaminants you need filtered out for your application to perform as intended. We have a variety of filter options and packages available for compressed air systems such as water separators, oil coalescing filters, and activated carbon filters.

Give us a call or an email and we can answer all the questions you have about your unique situation.

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Compressed Air Schematic

Our compressed air schematic walks you through the location for dryers and air filtration needed for your air system. Fine-tuning your air system to meet the needs of your equipment requires thoughtful consideration to equipment-air cleanliness requirements, work area location in the air system, and flow demands.

The Tsunami Air System Schematic is available for download and can be kept easily accessible for when these system changes are necessary. Fill out the form below for your printable download copy: 


Talk to the Compressed Air System Experts

Tsunami is here for you while you are on your compressed air filter journey. For over 40 years, Tsunami has set the industry standard for quality compressed air filtration and drying solutions. From start to finish, we walk you through the air filters we have, what your system requires, and work together with you to solve any problems or concerns with your air. We know our air filters inside and out, and can give you recommendations for the proper package to fulfill your filtration system needs. If you need somewhere to start before we chat, we recommend checking out our site and taking a look at our compressed air schematic.

Ready to get started? Contact a compressed air professional to find the perfect inline air filter solution.

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