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New Product Release: Diamondback Lite

New Product Release: Diamondback Lite

Python Protective Sleeves + Covers has released our Diamondback Lite Sleeve. This tubular sleeve joins our other Diamondback Sleeves, Diamondback and Diamondback PRO.


The new Diamondback Lite sleeve is designed to provide UV protection and abrasion resistance to hydraulic hoses and wires. It is lightweight, flexible, and provides a clean, professional look to the application.

DBK LITE sleeve_web

“Diamondback Lite was designed with the exact amount of yarn needed to provide abrasion protection,” stated Mike May, Product Manager. “It was designed to be economical yet provide unmatched UV protection and longevity in rugged applications.”


More information about Diamondback Lite can be found on the product web page or through local distributors and parts suppliers.