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How to Extend the Life of Hoses, Pipes, and Wires

How to Extend the Life of Hoses, Pipes, and Wires

When an application requires extra protection, hose wraps and sleeves are the most durable, long-lasting solution.

Most hoses, pipes, and wires live in harsh conditions. From heavy equipment, to spray-foam insulation units, an added level of protection is often required. 

Failure to protect an application can result in premature wear and lead to expensive repairs, collateral damage or injury to persons nearby.  To prevent unnecessary equipment damage or operator injury, hydraulic hose wraps and sleeves are a proprietary solution for both pre- and post-assembly.

Avoid the headache caused by these accidents by learning how to protect and extend the life of hoses, pipes, and wires.

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Extend Hose Life: Pre-Assembly Hose Sleeves

Installing tubular sleeves on hoses and wires before beginning assembly has many benefits, including:

  • Pinhole and burst protection
  • Operator protection
  • Mobile equipment
  • Heat applications
  • Engine bays

Tubular sleeves are tightly woven to maximize durability and prevent fraying. They also may help with bundling if the material is expandable. Python carries the necessary tubular sleeve products to handle any environment.

For pressurized hydraulic hoses, Python’s Diamondback PRO sleeve is the optimal choice. Burst protection tested to 12,000 PSI, and passing over 1.7 million abrasion cycles, Python’s Diamondback PRO is the best hydraulic hose solution in the market. See Python’s full lineup of tubular sleeves.

Extend Hose Life: Post-Assembly Hose Wraps

Every owner or operator’s worst nightmare is to find out they’ve installed a hydraulic hose assembly, completed some basement wiring, and/or purchased a mobile hydraulic machine only to realize they need some abrasion & bundling protection afterward.

The need for protection on an application isn’t always obvious right away but can be crucial for completing a project or protecting a valuable piece of equipment.

Python Sleeves 1050B Product Image-1

Python Protective Hose Wraps are the optimal solution when protection and bundling is needed after hoses, wires, or pipes are already installed and secured.

Python’s military-grade hook & loop secures the wrap and is resistant to any sort of tugging, pulling, or expanding. The variety in material also allows for the perfect fit regardless of the application or location requirements.

For most applications, Python’s best-suited workhouse sleeve is the 1050B Wrap Sleeve. Made of 1050 Ballistic Nylon, the 1050 Wrap Sleeve is the best all-around solution for abrasion and bundling needs.

Want to see for yourself? Request a sleeve sample.

Extend Hose Life: Bundling Straps for Hose Assemblies

After the hoses, pipes, and/or wires have been protected with a wrap or sleeve, fasten them in place with Python Straps. The ideal replacement for join clamps and zip ties, Python cinch and hanging straps are the next generations in bundling and securing applications.

Want to learn more about our bundling straps? Check out how we produce the Best Reusable Zip Tie Alternatives

Not sold yet? Try before you buy! We offer free demo sleeves & sample products for any of our product lines.

If you have questions about how Python’s product lineup can revolutionize your machinery, Contact our team of talented experts today.

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